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What does a Software Developer ?

Software or Systems Developers work for firms and companies engaged in the field of Computing. They are responsible for developing the pillars of the operating systems that are created by the Programmers and testing the code of new programs to ensure their efficiency. They also conduct quality testing on new projects prior to launch.

These professionals are involved in the entire process related to the creation and design of new systems, starting from initial planning, setting parameters, design, writing, code, encrypting and testing. Each member of the System Developers team assumes one of the phases that will be overseen by the Project Manager.

The work of a Software Developer may match that of a Database Administrator, as many systems typically must interact in one way or another with information management systems, so the Software Developer has a responsibility to ensure that both programs are compatible. Some Developers are trained in such specialized programs.

These professionals use a variety of programming languages and their work tends to be complex, encompassing advanced knowledge in Computing and Mathematics. This sector is constantly evolving and advances take place on a daily basis, so it is essential to be in continuous learning.

Key functions

Below are the most common features of a Software Developer:

Create and develop new programs or systems:

Investigate user needs.
Design and develop new programs.
Try the new programs.

Evaluate new and existing systems:

Design test plans for new developed programs.

Perform tests for quality measurement in developed systems.
Detect errors in programs.
Correct errors in programs.

Improve existing programs:

Analyze user requirements and suggestions.
Create solutions for existing failures.
Implement solutions.

Perform the corresponding maintenance in the existing systems, performing the monitoring and correction of detected defects, as well as develop the code in specialized languages (HTML, PHP, XML) for new programs:

Run the code to measure its efficiency.
Rewrite the code to detect errors.
Test until you ensure that the program is error-free.
Develop operating manuals and technical specifications of the systems.

Work in conjunction with the rest of the team, i.e. With Project Managers, Graphic Designers, other Developers, Database Administrators and Sales and Marketing staff:

Consult with customers or Project Managers about the progress of program or software development to determine possible improvements, make suggestions or requirements.
Prepare reports on the progress of the project.

Daily tasks

Meet with clients and Project Managers to design and develop new programs.
Set parameters and design the architecture of new programs.
Design, write, read, test, and correct new program code.
Perform quality measurement tests and detect errors in program development.
Prepare the necessary documentation for new or updated programs.



The average Software Developer salary in Mexico is $63,643 per year or $33 per hour. This is about 2.4 times more than an average salary in the country. Starting-level positions start at $45,000, while most experienced workers reach up to $89,000. The results are based on 176 salaries drawn from job offer descriptions.